Achievements of the Psychiatric Study Program in the 63rd Anniversary of Prof. Hospital Dr. IGNG Ngoerah General


RSUP Prof. dr. IGNG Ngoerah, Januari 2023

A proud achievement was made by the academic community of Psychiatry Study Program on the anniversary of Prof. Hospital. Dr. IGNG Ngoerah 63rd. The PS delegation in various competitions won the championship.

Pak Gede (right) After Defeating His Opponent in the Chess Competition Final.

Competition in commemoration of the Anniversary of Prof. RSUP. dr. IGNG Ngoerah is routinely held every year. This event involves all parts of the RSUP and will be held from November 2022 until the peak event in December 2022.

In the series of anniversary competitions, there are a total of branches that are competed for. Representatives from the Psychiatric Study Program took part in 10 competitions, namely the TikTok competition, photography competition, chess competition, sack and marbles race, choir competition, acoustic cover competition, cleaning competition, futsal competition, badminton competition, gymnastics competition, and Rejang dance competition. .

The Five Proud Heroines, Winners of Second Place in Gymnastics Competition

The Strikers of the Sack and Marbles Racing Competition, Posing for a Photo Together Before Winning the Championship.

Out of the eleven competitions, the delegation from the Psychiatric Study Program achieved a proud achievement and brought the team representatives to the podium in five branches of competition, namely 1st Place in the Photography Competition, 1st Place in the Chess Competition, 1st Place in the Sack and Marbles Race Competition, 2nd Place in the Gymnastics Competition, 2nd Place in the Gymnastics Competition, TikTok Contest Favorites.

dr. Adhiatma with his work entitled "Growing and Developing in Serving"

Favourite TikTok Performer.

This extraordinary achievement is expected to be a spark of enthusiasm and motivation for the academic community of Psychiatry Study Program. Thank you very much for all the help, support and prayers that have been given by lecturers, alumni and fellow residents so far.