Deadly Duet Fariza and Didit Win the Anniversary of Sanglah 2022 Sack and Marble Race General


RSUP Prof dr IGNG Ngoerah, November 13, 2022

Residents and supporting supervisors of the Psychiatry Study Program Udayana University continued to cheer after witnessing their colleagues succeed in leading the sack and marbles race at the 2022 Sanglah Anniversary event which took place on November 11, 2022. The competition began with a sack race represented by dr. Fariza and continued with a marbles competition with dr. Didit. The event was also attended by the Head of Study Program, Dr. dr. Luh Nyoman Alit Aryani, SpKJ (K).

Since the match started, Fariza has been pressing as if not giving the opponent a chance to overtake him. In fact, being over 40 years of age did not discourage Fariza in facing his younger opponent. It seems that the results of several weeks of training in the city of Bangli are bearing fruit.

After reaching the finish line, Didit then continued the race. The opponent who led several steps did not make Didit anxious. Calmly, this first semester resident who was born in 1996 continues to walk forward while controlling the marbles which often roll over the spoon. Nearing the end of the race, luck sided with Psychiatry. The opponent's marbles fall bouncing away from the arena. Ended with a fist up by Didit, Psychiatry was declared the champion.