Social Service for the 62nd Anniversary of Sanglah ...

Sabtu, 1 Januari 2022


Commemorating the 62nd Anniversary of Sanglah Hospital with the theme "Grow, Independent, and Superior", the Mental Medicine Study Program at Udayana University/Sanglah Central General Hospital, held community service in several areas in Bali, which was explicitly aimed at the elderly. This event is held for two days. This community s ... Read More >>

Opening of the 62nd Anniversary of Sanglah Hospital ...

Jumat, 8 Oktober 2021

"Grow, Independent, and Superior" The event was attended by the Director of Sanglah Hospital, the Dean of Udayana University, Professors, Heads of Divisions, and representatives of the Department of Psychiatry/KSM FK Unud/Sanglah Hospital. The release of this balloon marked the inauguration of the Tik Tok Dance series of activities as the closing of this opening event. ... Read More >>